Theories, Methods & Techniques of Teaching - Grammar Translation


The purpose of grammar translation then is to basically translate between L1 and L2 and vice versa. So, we could take a simple example. Let's imagine that our native language was English and our target language was French and let's assume that we want to translate a document from French into English. Let's take a simple sentence. Here's a sentence in French "Ouvre la fenêtre" and we'll add "s'il vous plaît" at the end. What we want to do is to take this L2 and translate it back into English. Now, if we have a reasonable knowledge of French then we may well know that this particular verb "ouvre" "to open" translates directly and this female form of the and finally the fenêtre "Open the window" and this polite form of "please". This is all very well if the two structures that we're translating between the L1 and L2 have a common grammar, which French and English usually do. However, one problem that we do get with this particular classical method, is that if the grammar structures are not the same, then it's very difficult to translate between the two things.

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Unit four gives us information about material we can use in the classroom. If we prepare our own materials we call them non-authentic, if we use some materials such as newspapers, songs etc., they are called authentic materials. Then the unit explains creating and a use of a lesson plan.This unit was pretty confusing especially when it was talking about the phrasal verbs. I do not understand that at all. Whatever, I understood the rest of the lesson so that is good. I liked reading the chart that talked about the passive voice and also reading about the rhetorical stuffThis unit was a nice change of pace and while not much new material was introduced, existing knowledge of the course thus far has been reinforced. It served as an effective revision module in my opinion. The differences in how to teach and how not to teach has been made abundantly clear.