How to Pronounce 'SPRACHGEFÜHL' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word sprachgefühl. This word refers to a person's intuitive ability to produce language in a natural way. Sprachgefühl is one of many Gernan words that found their way into the English language at the end of the 19th century. The word is a combination of sprache (language, speech) and gefühl (feeling).

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honestly i got confused doing this test i did not expect it to be this hard, i frankly have learned little from the video and i should have checked the ESA more frequently, i still am having a bit of an issue understanding ESA but iam going to work on doing that as a soon as i'm freeThis has been an awesome course. I learnt that, necessary details should be put on the CVs so that the employer would not have to think of calling to get more information which may not happen. Also one has to know the culture of the country he or she will be teaching to avoid offence.i learned the parts of speech and which part of a sentence uses each part. Before this chapter i alw3ays got confused by the difference between verbs and adverbs but now i feel like i have a much better understanding. I also did not know what a gerrund was until i completed this unit.