How to Pronounce 'TENET' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word tenet. This word refers mainly to princibles of a religion or philosophy. Some synonyms for tenet can include principle, belief or doctrine. The word comes from the Latin word tenere meaning ‘he holds’.

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Learning about Theories, Methods and techniques help a lot in understanding and determining how to have a proper approach in Teaching English.There are so many methodologies, techniques, and approaches in teaching that needed to be learned.The ESA is a big factor in teaching English.This unit offers me the opportunity to learn how to teach the other two parts of the English language which are writing and speaking.After completing it I feel satisfied and confident in teaching them.Now I have the intention to try out with my students in real life in the classroom.When going over this unit, i feel i learnt how to differentiate between the future tenses. However the use of present tenses make it a bit confusing. All in all there is a clear structure on the various forms, with concise examples which will help memorise the content from this unit.