TESOL TEFL Reviews - Video Testimonial - Pam


Former trainee Pam completed her TEFL/TESOL training in Phuket Thailand. In this TEFL review video Pam talks about her experiences during the second week of her four week course. She outlines some of the input sessions of the course including the grammar and teaching skills components as well as the teaching practice sessions.

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Learning that reading and listening are equally important receptive skills. I can understand why some teachers use novels or articles as teaching materials. I can be very helpful, but sometimes not always ideal. Having students learn something new from reading or listening, makes a lot of sense to me.This topic was very useful to me. It taught me how to use the direct and the reported speeches. It has also taught me the various forms taken by tenses in the direct speech when they are used in the reported speech. Through this, I can develop role-plays for my students report what their friends say.