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J.O. - U.S.A. said:
Learning GrammarThese days, one of the most important issues of english learning is how to convert your native language into english when expressing your ideas. To be able to speak english fluently, english learners should be familiar with different words and phrases that can be applied in situations. They should be able to utilize grammatical points to speak english fluently. This paper researches about grammar learning and how learning grammar influences speaking english; grammar being fundamental aspects of speaking (linguistic competence) and speaking and recognizing ways to produce meanings (sociolinguistic competence). Learning grammatical rules are the fundamental aspects of speaking skill. Most english learners believe that their level of knowledge in english is closely related to their level of speaking english. They study to improve their reading, writing, and listening skills, but most people judge their level of english by their ability in conversational situations. People do not feel much difficulty in reading, writing and listening, but they feel much difficulty when it comes to converting the language and expressing their ideas orally. The Linguistic part of english consists of grammatical points which build the structure of english. This is why many people feel difficult to start speaking immediately. They need enough time to think about grammatical points and build english structures in their mind. Because of this reason, it is impossible to communicate in english without knowing the grammatical rules and structures of english. Speaking english also involves with how learner recognize when, why, and in what ways to produce english. english learners use grammar as an instrument to form meaning, but grammar is not an ideal factor to produce only a meaning. It can also differentiate english language appropriately in different contexts. It allows us to be polite according to situations we are in and to be able to infer the intentions of others. For example, in everyday life, we distinguish the kind of language we use according to levels of formality and familiarity. Speaking english with the correct grammar will make it easy to get across the communication easily. Some people say that you don’t need a good knowledge of grammar to speak a language. When children start learning a language, they don’t get bothered by grammar. They probably don’t even know what grammar is. They just speak whatever they want to say, and eventually form grammatical structures later. This process is so natural, and they will be able to speak fluently later. However, this might take too long time for adult learners to speak english fluently. Moreover, fluency in speaking, but containing numeral grammatical errors might cause problems in communication. If there were no english grammar, it would create disorder in communication. In conclusion, learning grammar is essential in spoken language for a foreign language learner. In order to speak english fluently, grammatical rules are important to form sentences and recognize appropriate contexts. Some people claims that grammar is not an important aspect of speaking english as children speak english fluently without paying too much attention to grammar. However, speaking fluently with grammatical errors cannot be recognized as good english, and it might be a cause for communication disorder.