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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

G.H. - Canada said:
This course has given me a greater understanding of the roles and responsibilities of an ESL teacher as well as the confidence to move forward as a teacher. As a Native english speaker, I had a lot of misperceptions of what would be involved in teaching. I had thought that this career change would be easy. What this course taught me is that to be an effective english teacher there are a lot of things that I need to be aware of or take into consideration.For example;(1) There was a lot of grammar, vocabulary and concepts that I had never previously learned or had forgotten.(2) Teaching isn't about just standing in front of a class and speaking english. Student's in other countries need an english teacher who will provide them with the proper learning and tools for their specific needs. They may be pursuing english to improve their job (or get a new one), take a college or university program, or just to improve their already basic english speaking skills. Not learning the material as structured in this course would be a detriment to my students.(3) Teaching in a foreign country is as much about building relationships as it is learning teaching concepts and principles. There was fantastic information throughout this course on building rapport with students.Most importantly, this course has given me the desire to want to learn more about the teaching industry. When I started I had a couple possible teaching destinations in mind. Today, I realize that the world could be my playground. There are so many destinations to teach in that the opportunities are endless. This course has given me the necessary skill set and qualifications to progress in my career.As for putting this into action, I am currently taking an online Bachelor Degree program as I have learned that a BA is a requirement for teaching in some countries and for countries that it isn't a requirement in, it may improve my wages or set me ahead of my competition. I plan to move forward and pursue teaching in a monolingual environment (preferably South America or Asia/Thailand). This course has made me feel much more comfortable about creating lesson plans so I will certainly take this with me moving forward. Lastly, I will continue to review the content that this course provided as well as research new materials in order to make myself a stronger teacher.