Lesson International TESOL

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A.P – Spain said:
This course has been highly productive and helpful because it is clear and thorough in explaining teaching methods and reviewing grammar. The worksheets gave me the practice I needed in grammar and they made me realize exactly when and why I needed to go over certain topics a second time. Another positive aspect of the course is having an online tutor to help out and review any weaknesses or misunderstandings along the way. I can safely say that my grammar has been refreshed and polished and the teaching methods well covered. After going through all the units I feel a great deal of enthusiasm from what I’ve studied and I’d love to put it to practice. I’ve gotten very interested in teaching young learners such as kindergarteners and elementary students. I currently live in Barcelona and this is where I would like to work, I know that there are several schools that offer english as a foreign language to young learners and I would very much like to introduce or help reinforce the TEFL methodology if given the chance. What interests me in particular is working on combining listening, reading, and speaking skills through games and activities. In the case of teaching in spain, it is very unlikely that students will get the chance to use and practice a foreign language outside the school so it is very important that the learning experience be fun and positive so that children really embrace english from the start. Because kindergarteners have very short attention spans it is important to keep a lesson fresh, varied, and flexible – a challenge I find very attractive. Because I grew up in a country where spanish is the dominant language, I know the challenges of both using and keeping one of my native languages which is english. I also know that the teachers played a crucial role in my fluency and love for the language since day one of school. I also realize what an important tool english is and I would love to contribute to giving others the fantastic opportunity I was given.