Lessons Qualified TESOL

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T. A. - Japan said:
I realized that the teacher has to be knowledgeable and confident about his/her material to be able to teach effectively. There are so many factors that can affect how a classroom dynamic will play out so as the teacher, you have to be patient and well prepared. Another thing is that although native english speakers can communicate in english, there is a great deal to be learned on how to teach it to english learners. One has to realize that for most non-native speakers, the "it sounds right" factor of most grammar structures is just not there. The teacher has to know the basics and reasoning behind answers to guide students and not confuse them. From this course, I will take the Advanced Course that specializes in teaching children. I currently teach english at a kindergarten so I hope that with these certificates, I will be able to demonstrate how to effectively teach english to non-native speakers. I feel like the ultimate goal of teaching is not only to educate but to help students realize their potential and reach their goals.