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T. B. – U.S.A. said:
Through these lessons I have gained a much firmer grasp on the methods of teaching. As a beginner teacher, I had a fairly blank slate coming into this course. As I have worked through the units I have been teaching my first classes. This course helped guide me through many of my earliest difficulties and questions. For me, my greatest struggle with english has always been grammar. I love the english language, but I never liked the rules of sentence construction (and tend to write free-wheeling, molding the language to my own needs rather than following the rules). While this has always served me well for my own usage, this course has helped me gain a stronger understanding of the grammar rules that I will undoubtedly need to know in order to be the most effective teacher possible. I hate to say this, because the grammar units took me so much longer than the other units, but even more grammar instruction would have been helpful and put to good use if the course had provided them. I will continue studying grammar, using what this course taught me (or reminded me—I’m sure I’ve had a score of high school english teachers who would be horrified by how much I say I don’t know) as a base and a starting point. Basic classroom etiquette, common problems, and a fairly thorough introduction to the ways in which a successful class is conducted have all added to what I personally gained from this course, and I am certain that I will frequently refer back to the lessons as a resource for real-world situations and questions that I am sure to have. I am currently (and very recently) employed as an english teacher in Taiwan. While the lesson plans are provided by the school, this course has already helped me deal with issues like teaching young learners (I have a class of 20 seven year olds. Something I was certainly not prepared for, and I would have been even more at a loss without this course!), class discipline, and moving through the Engage, Study, Activate phases smoothly while keeping students focused and willing to take part. I have enjoyed this course, and though I must admit I certainly took my time in completing it, it has provided a solid foundation for the next period of my life as an english teacher.