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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

S.B. – U.S.A. said:
I gained a greater knowledge and understanding of the english language from taking TEFL course. I think we as native english speakers take the language for granted. At least I know I have. I knew I would learn from the TEFL course. This course has produced this thirst in me about the english language. Sounds crazy right? It does to me. I love languages; at least I love other languages. I am learning italian right now and I want to learn German and french. I never would have thought I would get so excited about english again. I mean I learnt it when I was younger. This course has re-awakened the english sleeping giant in me. What is funny is that the awakening didn’t happen half way through the course, it happened at the beginning. I remember reading ‘Parts of Speech’ (Unit 2) and feeling so giddy. It took me back to when I was first learning english. It opened my eyes to the mistakes and misunderstandings that I have today. It also gave me greater understanding of the different usages and structures. Back in my youth, we were told that a noun was a person, place or thing. Today, a noun is more multifaceted. You have to and should know that it names people, animals, places, things, qualities and states. It also has five main types. I probably learnt this when I was younger but I can’t remember. And there in lies the problem. I knew english but I didn’t know it entirely. Who knew I was using Phrasal Verbs all the time? I didn’t but I should have. I should have known the three basic types of Phrasal Verbs. I ought to have a list of phrasal verbs memorized in my brain. I do not know but I will. Oh, did you see the use of the Modal Auxiliary Verbs in the last couple of sentences I wrote? I would have never known what those verbs were had I not taken the course. I could have done my own study into the english language, but I thought my english was great. I have always worked hard to communicate english effectively because I have never wanted to be known as someone who speaks and writes bad english. I can continue on and on about grammar tenses, relative clauses, pronunciation (the beauty of the phonemic alphabet), conditionals, etc. This course has not only rejuvenated my understanding of the english language but it has also given me the confidence needed to step into the classroom. It has also equipped me with so much information about the actual class, my role as a teacher and the way of teaching. This course is my Yoda (from The Empire Strikes Back). Where I go the files are coming with me. This is going to be the guide in and out of my classroom. I plan on using the teaching ideas and the resources from the course in my lessons. I have already bookmarked a number of online resources from Unit 17. I also plan on handing out copies of the Phonemic Symbols to my students as early as possible. I plan on using a lot of the elements that really excited me while doing this course; I want to design some of my handouts, worksheets and charts for my students from the information in the course (if that’s legal). I believe if it excited me it will excite the students. To put all this information to action I believe I have to stay flexible and enthusiastic and just keep learning as a teacher. After this course I plan on taking two more. I don’t just want to be a good teacher; I want to be a great teacher.