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L.D. - Australia said:
This unit compares two different kinds of approach to teaching. In the first video we see a teacher that does what a teacher should not do, whereas the second video shows us the correct way. In the first case the teacher talks too much, the TTT is too high and the impression is that the students feel confused and uncomfortable; he doesn't know the names of the students; he writes on the board having always his back turned to the students; he writes the \"Can-Can't\" form in the wrong way (he writes I can, you can, he can, she can, and then directly they can), he has no teaching aids with him (such as pictures and drawings). He keeps an uninterested attitude towards his students and acts indolently making the lesson boring. The second video develops through a different approach. We see the teacher always smiling and the lesson is lively and entertaining. He makes a good use of gestures, mimes, words, objects (such as drawings), tries to involve all students and the level of attention is here visibly higher. He proposes a great variety of activities (for example pronunciation exercises), especially the activate stage that I've found very creative. In conclusion I've learnt that the attitude of the teacher during the lesson is the most important factor as it can positively or negatively influence the students and therefore the whole progress of the lesson.