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S.K. - Canada said:
Course books is always an emotive topic for teachers. Some of them are in favor of course books while others do not like the limitations that might arise because of their usage. Usually the teacher has to make her own material that has to go along with the course books. That material is used to assist his/her teachings and replace some of the materials of the course books that is not suitable for the class.That material can be divided into two categories: authentic material and created material. Authentic material consists of programs, magazines, newspapers, songs, poems, brochures, menus, films and so on. On the other hand, creative material is the material that teacher develops using her own creativity like cross words, flashcards, puzzles and gap fill activities. Coursebooks have their advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that it is helpful for the teacher especially for the ones who have just started teaching.There is a consistency in the topics. It also improves listening, speaking, reading and writing. There are ready made activities and lessons are easy for the teachers so course books are useful. In each unit of study and teachers manual are easy for the teachers to prepare. Similarly there are some disadvantages as well: The students may quickly loose their interest and motivation to study because of the monotony. Therefore it is up to the teacher to make the lessons informative and interesting by implying other methods beside coursebooks.