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A.L. - Korea said:
dults are kids too. They need encouragement, games and yes, even fun! Studies, including this Procedia study, have found that fun and enjoyment are as important to an adult?s ability to learn and absorb information as a child?s. Although adults appreciate clearly knowing the point or goal of an activity before beginning, that does not mean that it can?t be silly. Because adults tend to draw from experience and are learning their new language for a specific goal, they prefer realistic games. Here are a couple that work well: Courtroom: Split into groups and pretend that a real or fictional character (i.e. Cruella de Vil or Martha Stewart) is on trial. Half the class has to defend her and the other is the prosecution. You are the judge. Give students 10 minutes to prepare their arguments and 10 minutes to present. Then, you will give the final verdict. Defend your view: Each student picks what they consider to be the best song of the ?90s. They have to defend this decision in front of the class and explain why it?s the best. At the end the class votes to determine the winner. Tip: You don?t have to choose songs. Pick a topic that reflects the interests of your class (i.e. best sports team, best holiday, best cuisine).