TESOL Barton City Michigan

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This was a great refresher of all of the different parts of speech. Most of them I already knew quite well, however this unit taught me more of the specifics. I really liked the explanation and examples of each part because it was clear and concise. I was able to take notes that I can refer to so that I can find the best way to teach and explain each part of speech to my students. Something I always mixed up was adverbs and adjectives, but after this unit I can see the difference between the two much clearer. I thought it was interesting to learn about countable and uncountable nouns, because I feel like a common mistake is adding an ?s? to the end of uncountable nouns. I now have a better way to explain this to my students so that they can understand the rule. From this unit I also came up with a fun activity that I could use in the classroom when teaching comparative and superlative adjectives. This unit was very informative and I can see myself using these notes throughout my teaching career.