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A.K. - U.S.A. said:
Classroom management is a skill, a balance between been friending, relaxed and maintaining discipline. Important points to remember are good eye contact, positive gestures and voice. Voice needs clarity, range variety and projection. It is important to know students names, build rapport, have effective classroom table arrangement for class context and the activities that you have planned. Organisation of students should take into account the class size, furniture. Grouping students = Whole class grouping, working alone, pair work and group work, there are pros and cons of working in each of these groupings but it is likely dictated by the class size and activity. Mixing up and creating variety is important and a fair amount of pair and group work should be used, especially in study and activate stages. Effective instructions include using; simple language, be consistent, using visual clues and checking the instructions. Discipline will depend on a number of factors to help stop problems arising the teacher should model the following; be punctual, well prepared, fair and consistent, never loose temper, show respect, make lessons interesting and varied, be enthusiastic and importantly establish a rapport with each individual student.