TESOL Beiliu

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W.W. - U.S.A. said:
Currently, I am studying Japanese, and it's very interesting to study a language (Japanese) and to be able to teach another (English). With this two in mind I can put myself in the position of both, and thus it allows me to have a better understanding of what it feels like to have the needs of a student, and also to be a teacher who must address it. A lot of the points provided in this lesson proved true to me, such as sometimes coursebooks can be quite drab and uninteresting but given the right approach it proves to be very useful. I once avoided buying the coursebooks because I've had a couple of teachers ask me to buy but never use it, later I did get into classes where the workbook is used well but also not overused, and those classes prove to be far more interesting than the ones that came before it. It also felt worth buying the coursebooks because I saw how it was integrated into the class. The workbook though used was also not the entirety of the classes, thus it became more interesting for the students because of the variations in the teaching method and work materials. It's good to learn things not necessarily written in the textbooks, it is the very reason why students would choose to sign up to class with a teacher instead of simply buying a book and self-studying. Self-studying is indeed useful but it can be done anywhere, the classroom's charm is providing a space where they can learn with other people (students and teachers), thus providing opportunities to learn from those around them.