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Y.P. – Canada said:
Unit 19 discusses about teaching special groups of students. According to the unit, there are different special groups of students that teachers of English as a foreign language might come across in their teaching career. Mainly, they are: the beginners, individuals or one to one, Business English, Monolingual/ Multilingual and the Young learners. There are 5 types of beginners which are the absolute beginners that have zero English, false beginners that had some exposure of English but had not retained it, the young beginners, the adult beginners and the beginners without the Roman alphabet. The unit also presented teaching tips and do's and don'ts in teaching these special groups of students. I've learned the different special groups of students here. And again I'm being reminded that as a teacher of young learners, I have to vary my teaching styles and activities as often as possible. Also, I've learned what Business English and how to teach it. I thought you have to learn business in order to teach Business English. Apparently, I'm wrong. I think teaching Business English is not as difficult as it seems.