TESOL Hunnewell Kansas

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Teachers come across several problems while teaching. First lesson is really crucial to establish a good rapport. The teacher can use warmers (hangman, pictionary, memory games, etc) to warm up instead of handling them grammar. In terms of teaching different level, the teacher must prepare various materials based on stronger adn weaker students' knowledge and give them equal attention. Teaching large classes is not easy. The teacher can use worksheets, pairworks, choral repetition, etc in order to have more successful lesson. Another common problem is that students use their native language which can be allowed only when it is absolutely necessary. Besides it, another obstacle for the teacher to cope with reluctant students. In this case, the teacher can use a lot of pairwork, controlled rpatice, role play, or use a tae recorder. Certainly, problems concerning listening should be avoided. The teacher should explain that it is the problem with listening, not with poor quality or speed.