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C.G. – U.S.A. said:
The Materials unit covered a wide range of topics starting with the difference between Authentic and Non-authentic materials, the difference is in the intended audience of the material, authentic material is not, generally speaking, directly intended for the purpose of using in a classroom (i.e. reading material such as newspapers or magazines, radio programs or news related media) and non-authentic materials are resources intended for use in the classroom, such as worksheets, text books and instructional videos. Resource locating was a minor part, when searching for resources it is important to make sure your material is suitable for your students speaking levels, there's a lot of material out there for teaching English and a ton of it is free. i will be cautious of the sites that may contain harmful software and overpriced material. I felt a lot of this lesson filled in answers to the questions i had with the prior lesson. the example lesson plan diagram was very useful to better understand more clearly the full extent of the minor details regarding the creation of a lesson. I also got another Dose of ESA, don't dock me points for mentioning a previous lesson please. :)