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The message of the unit 11 is clear. There are four basic skills in every language: receptive skills (reading and listening) and productive skills (speaking and writing). Nothing is the most important, we need all of these skill equally. Teaching of receptive skills opens a number of problems, so a teacher needs correctly to choose the text of reading and the topic of speaking. Of course, before learning the new text the teacher should pre-teach potentially problematic vocabulary. And after the new text was read the teacher gives to the students some tasks that make better their understanding.This unit examines the 3 main more formal tools to evaluate and monitor student?s English skills ? the four of them (listening, reading, speaking and writing). Tutorials and evaluations by the student are covered with tests being looked at in more details. For example, practice tests for external examinations are explained together with a comprehensive review of some of these external examinations. The placement test are of particular interest considering the position I will be in shortly. That section was good but left me a little bit wanting. So I will ask the tutor for more information.