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S.C. - Philippines said:
This unit we discussed the use of conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals deal with \"if\" sentence structures. I learned that there are 5 structures used to express different situations or possibilities. Zero conditionals are for situations that are always true and it uses if/when + present simple, present simple. First conditional are for likely results or promises/threats. They use if + present, future. Second conditional is for unreal hypothetical situations and uses if + past simple, modal verb. Third conditional is for past hypothetical (both actions occur in the past). It uses if + past perfect, modal verb + past participle. Mixed conditionals mixes 2nd and 3rd to create the present result of an imaginary situation. Reported speech is how we report back something someone said. In doing so it becomes necessary to change verb tenses, subject, and possibly the time change. For example, if some Bill says \"I fly to Dallas next week.\" we must report back: Bill said that he would fly to Dallas the following week. In commands like \"Stay strong\" we simply use the infinitive: She said to stay strong.