TESOL Sandy Valley Nevada

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The most valuable part of this lesson has to do with the use of progress tests and assessing how students are progressing in their acquisition of new language skills. The benefits that I didn't consider for the progress tests was how it would encourage students to do some extra review and evaluate their own level and progress, instead of just measuring it for the teacher. Using these assessments along with the continuous observing and monitoring in the classroom can spell the measure of progress for the students and will allow me, as a teacher, to recalibrate and adjust to the students' needs.Lesson planning is not as easy as it seems since it takes a lot of experience to be flexible even after having a lesson plan for each class. It is important in the sense that it provides an aid to planning, serves as a guide and reference as well as a record for a lesson. A lesson plan should be simple, well organized and should contain all that is needed to make the lesson a success. It should also be flexible and open to adaptation. I have learned how important it is to monitor one's own class as it serves as yardstick with which evaluations can be made to enable one become a better teacher.