TESOL Cameron South Carolina

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This unit has shown great deal on how the words can properly pronounced by the movements on the mouth as well as the phonemic symbols. Many students find it diffficult to pronounce accurately when saying English vocabulary as they have some loan words within their first language. By trying to get the idea that they could memorise the phonemic symbols, they will be able to pronounce with more accuracy and with fluency. The movements on the mouth and throat are also important to say the words clearly. Not only vocal cords but different parts in mouth and even teeth shows different ways of saying different words. Pronunciation and phonology can be a difficult task for students, even for the native English speakers as they will not be able to actually learn the phonemic symbols within their schools in most countries. Leearning the proper pronunciation will improve teachers to teach their students with accuracy, and students will be able to speak more fluently, just like the native speakers.