TESOL Certification Egypt Port Said

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Phonology includes: 1)Intonation which include rise and fall intonation, fall and rise intonation and flat intonation. 2) Stress which has nouns, adjectives, verbs and special emphasize (didn't), but articles,pronouns and prepositions are unstressed. Sound joining includes linking, sound changing, sound dropping and extra lettering. Phonemic chart include single vowels, diphthongs, unvoiced consonants and voiced consonants. Manner of articulation 1) Plosive (p,b,t,d,k,g) 2) Fricative(f, v,s,z. sh, zh, th) 3) Affricate (ch,j) 4) Nasal (m,n, ng) 5) Lateral (l) 6) Approximant (w,r,y,h) Place of articulation 1) Bilabial (p, b, m) 2) Labiodental (f,v) 3) Dental (th) 4)Alveolar (t,d,n,l) 5) Palatal alveolar (sh, ch, zh,j, r) 6) Palatal (y) 7) Velar (k,g,ng) 8) Glottal (h)