TESOL Certification Sakura Chiba

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In this unit I was given ideas as to what to do on my first lesson with a group, which is very helpful as I have been thinking what I could do in the first lesson and how I would want it to be. The best way to get started would be with a game to get to know the students and their level of English. I've also been given ideas as to how to handle a large class, which I am sure to teach large classes at some point in the future.ok so this is one of the more helpful and beneficial tests, as it is step by step giving examples of steps and possible materials for learning to teach a class especially for beginners. also starting to really drum in the what to do in the engage, study and activate stages. the one that popped out for me is obviously with a couple of the questions here, is that the activate stage is always the social/ interacting, groups etc.