TESOL Chelyabinsk

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M.D. - Vietnam said:
Unit 9 is about lesson planning. Writing a lesson plan is an aid to planning, it creates logical sequence for the lesson. It also serves as a working document that a teacher can refer to during lesson and a record of what has been taught. This unit gives information on basic principles of lesson planning, one of which is to keep it simple. Aside from having a lesson plan, there are other things teachers need to organised to make sure his/her lesson goes smoothly; check the equipment, materials, aids, board, etc. Lesson plan should include some general information about the class and what should happen in the class. I?ve learnt from this unit the reasons why I should plan, how to go about planning, what should actually be in the plan, and how to fill out an actual lesson plan. I have to keep it simple, time each activity and make sure the activities go together, and keep it flexible and open to adaptation. Planning my lesson will give me an idea as to where my class is going, will provide a smoother flow of the lesson and will present simple and clear lesson to my students.