TESOL Colombo

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D.R. - Korea said:
Reflective skills, or in other words reading and listening, are some of the most important things to learn. If a student knows how to read another language and comprehend what they are reading then they are well on their way to understanding the language! When it comes to listening, it is often times more difficult. Being able to comprehend another person who is speaking in another language is an incredible skill. When people speak they tend to talk quickly and they run all of their words together. This can be very discouraging and confusing for an English learner. Lucky there is a safe place to practice listening and reading in order to gain comprehension; the classroom! Much of what I have learned from this lesson consists of the different skills needed to read and listen efficiently. Up until this lesson I had never consciously thought about the specific skills needed to read and listen. I also became aware of the different types of texts and how to use them in a classroom. With unauthentic texts a teacher needs to be careful. Unauthentic texts can either be very helpful or damaging to a student?s confidence and the same with authentic text. Reflective skills are a very important part of language and I understand them more fully after reading through this unit.