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M.Z – U.S.A. said:
After a careful review of this unit, I have learnt how to design a course in a more systematic way through four distinct stages. In our first meeting with class, need analysis are done to know the clients' expectations and the areas of English to be focused. Along with the diagnostic or placement tests results, which are carried out to assess students' acquired English knowledge and abilities, a syllabus in the light of their common interests, current strengths and weakness shall be planned out. Despite the fact that adults tend to keep a higher motivation, it is still important that we constantly change lesson activities, which should place equal importance on the four skills of English language(reading, listening, speaking and writing), to retain their feelings of freshness. Due to the limited number of study hours, end of course examination should be comprehensive in order to provide the most valuable feedback they can get. Last but not least, as an essential part of a course, mutual evaluation is the most direct and effective way for improvement.