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A.U. - Russia said:
I learned a lot in Unit 18. First, I learned about modal auxiliary verbs and the usages, forms, and teaching ideas. Although it is easy for me and my everyday language, I think it would be hard for English learning students to learn modal auxiliary verbs in memorizing each form with each tense. Then, I learned about the passive voice. This was easy for me to understand as the Spanish language as well uses the passive voice in the same way. Once again, memorizing the forms with each tense is going to be a challenge with each verb tense. The relative clauses in this unit, the defining and non-defining relative clauses, were easy in the way that they were explained, because the non-defining relative clauses use commas. The last section in this unit, phrasal verbs, was the hardest section because they was very little explanation. I found myself struggling in this section and not understanding the uses, forms, nor differences. I am going to be contacting a tutor in order to get extra help on phrasal verbs. Overall, I learned a lot in Unit 18.