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C.T. - Thailand said:
The unit gives the basic knowledge about lesson planning. It?s good to know that lesson planning are not completely strict. Teachers has a right to chose the way they write it but in case an employer doesn?t enforce the teachers to write lesson plans in this or that manner only. Talking about flexibility of a teacher I?m absolutely agree that we need to have this ability because it?s common phenomenon when something goes wrong, not like you?ve planned. According to my own experience I would say that flexibility is one of the most important thing: I need to be extremely attentive to my students, feel how they are today, anticipate their mood or feeling being able to change a part/some parts of the lesson for changing the situation and achieve necessary goals. If my student come with a bad mood and doesn?t want even to talk with me, I just talk with him/her, play with him/her a bit more than with others involving in the student in a learning process. And it works, everyone is happy and eager to learn English. The examples (of the lesson plan and the tasks) given in the unit let me see a common lesson plan where I?ve seen how the information may be organized and designed what is practical too.