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N.K. -Taiwan said:
This unit covered phonology and phonetics - the study of sound in language and how sounds are physically transmitted. It introduced the phonetic script and many other tools for pronunciation. The lesson made the point that pronunciation is perhaps the most neglected area of English teaching. It can be overwhelming and intimidating for both teacher and students. However it is important to teach this because not only does it help English students communicate more clearly, but it also is important in terms of learning to express emotion and other subtleties through the language. Intonation and stress are particularly important in this regard. Variations in intonation and stress can produce vastly different meanings and sentiments. The lesson gives many tools for teaching several aspects of phonetics, including a diagram of the mouth and various exercises the teacher can do with students. It mentions that teaching this aspect of the language can be incorporated into the English class in various different ways. For example, in some classes it may work well to devote entire periods to this subject, while in others it may be better to mix it into the regular lesson, or cover it sporadically when issues arise.