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W.C. - Germany said:
Unit 5 reflection. Eye contact, gesture and the voice. I learned a lot about how eye contact can be used in the classroom, to show students that they are involved in the lesson as well as to ensure that students understand what they are supposed to to and what is going on. The voice should change naturally according to the circumstances. Grouping the students can be done by whole class grouping,students working on their own, pair work and group work. They all have their pros and cons. The classroom arrangement depends from the space available, the type of chairs and tables, age of the students, nationality and also students personalities. The teachers position and movement should be different during the lesson stages. Teacher talking time is increased with presenting,checking,modeling or clarifying, providing language input, giving instructions,setting up activities and establishing rapport. How to avoid unnecessary TTT(teacher talking time), such as choosing carefully the language for explanations and instructions, avoiding TEFL jargon, using gestures,mimes or pictures, etc. How to properly give individual attention, giving instructions as well as maintaining discipline and establishing rapport.