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K.B. – U.S. said:
Conditional sentences refer to past, present or future possibilities which contains an 'if' or similar clause such as 'when' and a main clause. Conditions in the 'if' clause has to be satisfied before the action in the main clause can be realized. There are 5 types of conditionals which contain different ways of how they are expressed - Zero, First, Second, Third and Mixed conditionals. With the mixed conditional, it is a combination of the second conditional clause with a third conditional clause. Reported and direct speech is also an important aspect in ESL lessons. When direct speeches are turned into reported speeches, the question marks are omitted and the for of the verb changes into the positive form making the tense of the speech reported the same as that of the reporting verb. Time expressions need to be taught to students as they progress through the levels because it can get a bit confusing to them. The various categories of time expressions should be taken one at a time and done slowly and thoroughly for deeper understanding of the students.