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E.Y. - Israel said:
This unit provided techniques to manage the classroom. This included insights for effective body language and use of proper eye contact, in addition to the benefits and drawbacks of different ways of grouping students using whole-class arrangements, having students work individually, pairing students, grouping students. The main point that I took away from this unit is that the teacher must judge, based upon factors such as class size, the level of knowledge of the class, student's age, and other influencing factors, how to: 1. Utilize grouping for work and discussions 2. How best to use gestures, eye contact and tone of voice 3. The complexity level of language used to convey instructions among others. Importantly, this unit also reinforced the points that it is important to try to increase student talk time as much as possible, and that it is beneficial to have the students repeat concepts or instructions to verify comprehension, instead of simply asking the student if they understand, which only requires a yes or no answer.