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A.C. – Hong Kong said:
This unit explains the ways in which we as teachers can behave, organise and communicate in order to have more successful and beneficial classes for the learners. Many factors depend on the size and age group of the class along with the environment and facilities available. For example, I currently teach school children between 8-10 years old. I have 5 in each class and a large room to work in with them. From studying this unit I have found some useful ways to improve my classes. As my group is small, a horseshoe seating plan would work very well. Also, I feel I can improve keeping my language at a more simplified level and consistently using important instructive words. I am planning to include more topics specific to the children in order to maintain a high interest level. The discipline area was extremely useful as this is an area that can be both intimidating and unpredictable. I very much enjoyed this topic! I feel more confident in my own classroom management but also I have found many new skills to try in the future.