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M.D. - New Zealand said:
Future tenses in English are confoundedly difficult. Unless students are quite inclined to grammar study, they are unlikely to be able to cite the various functions in nuances in their heads. They are more a matter of getting used to after repeated usage and may end up as 'artifacts' or habitual errors in speech. I find many speakers of ESL tend to avoid the finer points of the future tenses altogether, preferring to simply sentences when it comes to the future, using modals like 'might' and adverbs with the simple present or simple future to describe things like something 'completed by a certain time in the future.' It's pretty rare to hear an ESL learner say something like, 'I will have gotten my certificate by this time next year.' They usually will say something like: 'I will get my certificate next year.' Perhaps not a whole lot can be done about the difficulty of this particular aspect of English besides encouraging repetition and practice. I also became confused at some of these questions. We'll see if I got those right or not from now!