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T.P. – U.S. said:
Unit 8 review Future tenses Incredible, detailed explanation of the seven forms of the future tense. Although, I already knew this topic, I liked that the unit talked about ?typical mistakes/errors? made by the students; very important in terms of teaching awareness. Some auxiliary verbs used in the future tense are: Will - degree of certainty Might / May - possibility Shall - formality Some teacher tend to forget that explaining the impact of these auxiliary verbs is very important in order to have professional conversations, possible actions taken by the student while speaking, etc. Some typical mistakes that I've personally hear from students are: Future continuous tense: They tend to forget adding the ing to the verb, for example: I will be play Playstation with Fernando at 8:00 p.m. Future perfect continuous tense: Use being instead of been. I?m looking forward to implement the teaching ideas that I learned in this unit, so the class becomes more captivating and easier for my students to follow. Thank again ITTT.