TESOL Duque De Caxias

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P.B. - Korea said:
Unit 19 listed the most common types of special groups encountered in the world of English teaching, as well as tips on how to teach them. First, it is important to differentiate between absolute beginners, false beginners, young beginners, adult beginners, and beginners starting from a language with a completely different reading and writing system. However, their needs are often the same: a teacher needs to be visual, supportive, and use graded language. Individual students also require special attention, as lessons may become redundant due to the lack of group activities and conversation partners. The teacher will have to use a variety of creative activities and serve as the student's conversation partner, while still correcting and guiding the student toward learning. Teaching children can be challenging for new teachers, but ultimately very rewarding if the teacher is patient and fun. This is because children can still \"absorb\" language like a sponge, thus allowing them to learn faster than adults. Furthermore, teachers should be confident when teaching \"Business English\" or other special purpose classes. Teachers don't necessarily need an expertise in the field, so long as they have teaching skills. Finally, teachers should be aware that while multilingual classes may present more teaching challenges than a monolingual class, they have the advantage of students needing to communicate with each other in English.