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In unit 18 we get to the last part of English grammar being taught in this course. As we have gotten to see with past units, teaching English grammar is never an easy task, but it can be a fun one if one uses the right aides. Here, we get to see the use of modals (which are essential when adding meaning to the main verb), the passive voice (which can be hard for many students as the passive voice is not used in every language often, for example when speaking in Spanish), the relative clauses (where we get to see each clause, how it's used and why), and phrasal verbs (which are hard for many students, as they can get confused on when they are intransitive or transitive). This, as with all grammar, has to be taught in a way that is clear and interesting for the students, for if they lose concentration and get lost in other thoughts, they may not understand them in their entirety.