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C.A. - U.S. said:
This unit covers the many variations of the present tense, which I am super pumped about because grammar is my jam. Present tenses, however, are not created equally. The lamest of them all is arguably present simple, which is just S+V. Like, \"He goes fishing.\" Horribly predictable and gets the point across in the fewest words possible. Once you are done washing that nasty taste from your mouth, you get to move on to the present continuous. This one is super fascinating, mainly because it shows that something is still in progress. Like, \"I'm watching TV.\" Awww yeah! The listener knows that you are still doing the thing because of the sounds your face just made. Then, you have present perfect, which is fascinating because you did it in the past but it's still present tense. Whaaat? Like, \"I have eaten octopus.\" If you thought that was past tense, you've been bamboozled, my friend. And last but definitely not least, you have present perfect continuous tense. It's like present perfect decided he wasn't cool enough, went to the gym, pumped some iron, and came back all jacked ready to make a new friggin' sentence. Like, \"I have been dieting for twenty years.\" If that doesn't knock you on your ass, I don't know what will! In summary, great lesson.