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E. M. - France said:
Another activate session in lesson 2 could have provided the weaker students with more peer support as a few seemed quite reliant on their fellow students. At this early stage of these elementary level students, building confidence amongst the weaker students can help them focus more on the subject at hand, rather than how they appear to others. Overall though lesson 2 teacher used variety of technique and a cheerful attitude to elicit and engage the students. This provided a friendly atmosphere where even the shy, reserved students felt comfortable enough to respond. Lesson one teacher needed to convey a sincere desire to help his students as opposed to showing disgust on his face when he didn't get the students' response he was after. Saying he 'can't understand' the student and walking away was rude, let alone showing his disinterest in the class by sitting down to read what appeared to be a book unrelated to his students' lesson. His poor engage, not introducing himself and getting students names, speaking too fast in a mumbled fashion, expecting them to understand what modal auxiliary verbs are without an example, using big words like: what is the interrogative form instead of just saying how can this be turned into a QUESTION, are all examples of what to avoid.