TESOL Handan

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T.T. - Hungary said:
This unit explained the different ways a teacher can manage a classroom effectively. First, it lays out characteristics of an effective instructor or lecturer: making eye-contact, using gestures, and varying the tone and level of voice. The unit also gives suggestions for how the teacher can create a rapport with their classroom: learning students' names and using them effectively, being on-time, being enthusiastic, etc. The bulk of the unit, and probably the most interesting for me, explained the pros and cons of different types of group work, like whole-class grouping versus pair work, for example. There is no right or wrong answer, but rather the most suitable form depends on the limitations of the classroom and the kind of activity the teacher wants to pursue. The unit as a whole emphasizes the important of student talk time, but also mentions the important role that teacher talk time plays in the learning experience as well. As a whole, the unit gave a great overview for how teachers can control and manipulate the classroom in order to create a suitable environment for effective language learning.