TESOL Hazelton North Dakota

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A Lesson Plan is a teacher's roadmap for teaching a specific subject matter. It serves as a record of the teaching, it supports the teacher's planning, and it is a working document which the teacher can refer to during teaching. The lesson plan should be simple, have a logical structure, a time-frame for each teaching block and activity, have learning activities which are related, and be flexible. A lesson plan should show 1) the students' learning objectives, 2) the teacher's learning from the lesson, 3) the language point and teaching aids, 4) the procedure to reach the learning objectives, 5) an outline of ESA teaching method, 6) the timing of teaching blocks and activities, 7) the number of students and their level, and 8) the date & time of the class. In addition to the lesson plan, the teach should give himself a self-evaluation so as to be aware of his teaching strengths and weakness for self-improvement.