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M.C. – U.S.A. said:
The aim of this unit was to allow teachers to get familiar with techniques they may use when encountering different types of classes and different level of students in a classroom. For example, in first lessons teachers will try to establish rapport and get to know about students interests and needs. For warmers, teachers can play fun games with the students. If there is a gap between students in a class, the teacher can try using different materials for stronger and weaker students or different tasks for the same materials and try pairing strong and weak students together. Similarly, handling large classrooms can be challenging, so the teacher must use techniques to ensure all students are involved. Many students will also use native language in the classroom, the teacher must try to encourage English conversations. To encourage reluctant students, role plays, pair work and controlled practice should be used. To cope with difficulties in listening texts, teacher should the quality and volume of cassette is good and try playing the cassette slowly to ensure students understand.