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O.S. - Russia said:
This unit covers the usage of lesson materials in the classroom. There are two types of materials and both have their advantages and disadvantages. First, authentic materials which provides students with real life lessons are newspapers, books, media etc. The disadvantages of authentic materials are that they may be too difficult for EFL students and the materials can't be graded. The second category is created materials. It's advantages are it can be graded and it is designed for EFL students. The disadvantages of the created materials are they may not be interesting to students and teachers that are not artistic may find difficulty in designing content for the class. The unit also covers an important topic, course books. Course books can make or break a class and that truly depends on the teacher. Using a course book can alleviate a lot of legwork for teachers. The book provides a syllabus, and security for students and teachers. However, overusage is a mistake teachers should avoid. This can lead to boring lessons and also makes the teachers lazy. I learned the importance of carefully planning out lesson materials before execution. It all depends on where the students are in their knowledge. A good teacher is always aware of student's knowledge level and interests. Teachers are also not limited to books and reading materials. Audio, homework books and many like these are also tools that can be used in lessons as well.