TESOL Huangshi

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I.K & H.K. - Korea said:
In this lesson are presented the methodologies which helped shape the methodologies used nowadays, e.g. the ESA (Engage Study Activate),... The contribution of the methodologies mentioned in the lesson 4 was crucial to understanding of a language system, to the most appropriate and effective acquisition of such language by learners and without which the comprehension and a closer insight into a learner's mind while acquiring the language. Personally, I have learnt much about the ESA method which was quite interesting to me, with the other and older methodology I am quite familiar, however I barely knew anything about the ESA which I now found very convenient for it gives a wide, flexible and creative range of opportunities and new ways of organizing a class, a closer insight into the minds of learners about a language acquired (through feedback, mistakes, errors, sentences through which a learner may express his/her way of perceiving the world around him/her, which can tell a lot about whether and when they are truly beginning to think in English and to perceive the world the way a native does (this insomuch depends on the learner's cultural and historical identity)), a wide range of games through which we are able to create an excellent rapport with each learner separately and to learners as a group.