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While many English speakers think that there are only two tenses in the English language, there are in fact three key times (past, present and future) which are each subdivided into four categories: simple, continuous/progressive, perfect, and perfect continuous. For example, in this unit, we have learnt about the present simple, present continuous/progressive, present perfect, and present perfect continuous). This means that there are in fact 12 tenses in the English language. Tenses can take three forms - the affirmative, the negative and question form. The form that the tense takes, as well as the subject of the phrase (whether the subject is the third person singular, for example) will affect the way in which the verbs being used are formed. It is extremely important that both the student and the teacher have a good grasp of how the tenses work, as an ability to handle the tenses forms the foundation to further understanding and learning of the English language.