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This unit is essential because knowing how to improve the efficacy of writing and motivating the output of speaking are two sought-after aspects of language teaching, in my opinion. Creating engaging writing activities has been a large part of my previous teaching experience, so knowing how to improve it is important to my own skills development. Knowing how to get students to speak more has been a long desired goal of my experience. Gaining further knowledge of this from this unit has been a valuable undertaking.This Unit was a review of the various future tenses of the English language. The tenses include the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, and the future perfect continuous. The future simple revolves around promises and predictions. The future continuous revolves around talking about events that will happen in the future. The future perfect is a tense about when things will be finished in the future. The future perfect continuous is a tense often used for things that continue to a certain moment.