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The \"Future Tense\" expresses a future event or a future state of being and also expresses our attitude to the future event. There are four future tenses in English. 1) Simple future 2) Future continuous tense 3) Future perfect tense 4) Future perfect continuous \" Time \" can be split into three periods : 1) The Present (what you are doing) 2) The Past ( what you did) and 3) The Future (what you are going to do or hope/plan to do.One of the most surprising aspects of the lesson was learning that there are 12 total tenses: 4 for present, 4 for the past, and 4 for future. The present perfect tense and present perfect continuous tense were definitely the most challenging, even from a native English speaker's perspective because of 1) how subtle the differences are between the present perfect and present perfect continuous and 2) the very specific scenarios of how the past, present, and future are linked determines the tense.