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M.C. – U.S. said:
Unit 6, on the utilization of past tenses, has given me invaluable ways to outline the general uses of different verbs with clarity, present simple formulas to apply, and anticipate common problems. For the past simple, I now have an available toolkit of creative activation ideas to teach irregular verbs, as well as the foresight to lend particular focus to drills on negative and question formats. In introducing the past continuous form to students, I feel confident that the suggested interrogative detective game will be an excellent way to both inspire class enthusiasm and instill proper usage. By using storytelling exercises to teach the past perfect, I can both give my students an opportunity to improve their writing further, as well as their speaking ability in subsequent class presentations using this kind of verb. It might be challenging to help pupils distinguish between past perfect continuous, past perfect, and past continuous, but I am sure that with the presentation of enough examples this difficulty can be overcome successfully.